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Attorneys Introduction

Why do I need an attorney?

When we are faced with making a large change in our lives, such as a divorce or difficulty with a professional license, our first impulse is to turn to our friends.  Most of us have friends who have gone through one or more divorces or other legal processes we are pondering.  Often, our friends offer advice based on their experience that may or may not be relevant to your situation.  So why do we need an attorney?

Experienced Indiana lawyers protect your rights

While friends may have experienced one or two legal processes, lawyers at the Marcus Law Firm have gone through literally hundreds.  These attorneys understand how the law applies to your unique circumstances.  They have tested different strategies in past situations and can project how the best possible results can be achieved in the future.  Friends care about you and want to offer you support.  But Marcus lawyers can give you straight facts and help you understand the risks of different paths you may be considering.  Count on an attorney to guide you as you form a realistic plan for the future with your eyes wide open.

The Marcus Law Firm can help you with—

  • Divorce Find the best way to interface with your spouse to form the most beneficial agreement for you through arbitration, collaboration, mediation, negotiation, or trial, if necessary.
  • Finances Know the kinds of experts you need in complicated financial interest cases for divorce, medical malpractice, estate planning, and other matters.
  • Actions against your nursing license or other healthcare license  Understand the standard of care and advise how to proceed where there has been a complaint against your license, you have been terminated from your position or involved in a criminal matter.

This is what the Indiana-based Marcus Law Firm offers—experienced legal counsel and the energy, expertise, and intelligence to use the law to address issues and resolve them to the best possible result for the client.

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