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Does a soldier have to split their military retired pay or military pension with their spouse in a divorce?

The military spouse may or may not have a right to a portion of the servicemember's military retired pay. In Indiana, the spouse may have a right to a portion of the servicemember's military retired pay if the servicemember receives retired pay during the marriage or if the servicemember becomes eligible for military retired pay during the marriage. The NDAA 2018 changed the amount of military retired pay that the spouse may be eligible to receive.

How can I reduce the legal fees for my divorce?

  1. Hire an experienced family law lawyer. They will be able to give you realistic, straight forward advice and won't charge you an arm and leg to research an answer for a question which they deal with daily
  2. Be organized. You will need to provide your attorney with financial documents including statements for any financial accounts or bank accounts, tax returns, statements for your mortgage as well as statements for any money that you owe.
  3. Do not post any personal information about yourself, spouse or children on social media.
  4. Respond to your attorney promptly.


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