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When Your Battle Has Been Long But A Question Of Law Remains

When the outcome following your civil court trial is not satisfactory or if you have been served notice that your spouse is appealing the case you won, it can be confusing. Appeals are decided on very different standards than trials. The procedure and facts have a disparate impact on the appellate court. Weary with trial fatigue from years of court battles and costs, some think they can save money by handling their own appeal, this is truly a mistake. Not only do the complicated rules make it almost impossible to succeed in an appeal without counsel, you may very well end up paying the other party’s attorney fees.

A decision of the Court of Appeals, Indiana’s second highest court, is final unless granted further review by Indiana’s Supreme Court. Appealing a question of law is not a task all lawyers take on. Only about one in 20 family law attorneys handle appeals.

Working with a knowledgeable appellate lawyer protects your rights, saves your time, money and frustration. At Marcus Law Firm, LLC, founding attorney Cynthia A. Marcus provides straightforward, intelligent and candid answers you can rely on. Ms. Marcus has over 20 years of experience representing appellants and appellees seeking the optimal outcome for their family law disputes or business lawsuits in the appellate court. Call her office at 317-578-2017 to schedule a consultation.

Was The Trial Court Decision Based On Faulty Interpretation Of Law?

The Court of Appeals hears appeals from Indiana’s trial courts based on questions of the law. While the appellate court does not have a deadline to issue their opinion, it usually issues one in about four months. Ms. Marcus’ written opinions regarding divorces subject to military law have been published and can be cited as precedent for other cases. Consequently, Ms. Marcus often receives referrals from other attorneys to handle their appellate cases.

Do not take chances with compromising your family’s future. Do not let fears of more drawn-out court battles or trial fatigue keep you from protecting your best interest after a trial. Get an attorney who will be with you through the thick and thin, and then some.

Call Today For A Consultation On Appealing Your Case

Family law or divorce appeals require a knowledgeable attorney who will help you while maintaining your best interests at the forefront of the entire process. You need an attorney with proven strategies tailored to fit your needs. Contact Marcus Law Firm, LLC, in Carmel for a consultation to discuss your appeal. Get the personalized attention you need, call 317-578-2017 or reach out using our online form.