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Military Divorces Are Complex Because They Are Subject To More Laws

Soldiers in today’s armed forces and their families make extreme sacrifices in their service to our nation. Their distinctive status is governed by military, state and federal laws. It can be overwhelming for those in active duty or veterans to keep track of their rights and duties in a divorce without the help of an attorney well-versed in the various laws.

At Marcus Law Firm, LLC, founding attorney Cynthia A. Marcus understands the unique culture of the military because she is a veteran of the United States Air Force and Army Reserves. She is married to a veteran and also understands being a military spouse. Her law firm is particularly adept at addressing the legal needs of soldiers and their families that may arise when service members are on active duty.

Legal Services For Service Members And Their Families From A Veteran Who Understands Your Needs

Divorce is not just a divorce for active duty personnel because of rights and protections afforded to those in active duty, including:

  • Mortgage foreclosure — A service member’s home may be protected from mortgage foreclosure while the soldier is deployed. Many family members are not aware of this protection.
  • Parenting time — A parenting time agreement must provide for the active duty member’s child to maintain a close relationship with their parent. It must consider the professional responsibilities of a service member and allow flexibility in parenting time. Ms. Marcus will negotiate such an agreement for her client or present their case in court so that the child has a loving relationship with both of their parents.
  • Military retired pay — Service members, who have served for 20 years, have a right to military retired pay, often referred to in civilian terms as a military pension. Military retired pay is often the military family’s largest financial asset and your spouse may be awarded a portion of the military retired pay during a divorce. When a military family goes through a divorce, the state and federal laws governing how military retired pay, survivor’s benefit plan and associated benefits are divided are extremely complicated.

Marcus Law Firm, LLC, has extensive experience with military divorce cases. Ms. Marcus has handled appellate cases that helped to establish the laws as to Indiana’s military retirement pay issues. She can help your family plan your future finances following a divorce as well as help you with other military family law matters such as:

  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Parenting time
  • Property valuations and division
  • Spousal maintenance

Contact A Firm Dedicated To Excellence And Passionate Advocacy For Military Families

As a veteran of the Air Force and Army Reserves, Ms. Marcus is a lawyer knowledgeable about the nuances of military divorce and related family law matters. She cares deeply about each family she works with and is committed to satisfactory results for each case she works on. Email or call Marcus Law Firm, LLC, in Carmel, at 317-578-2017 for a consultation.