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While technically, your obligation to pay child support terminates when the child turns 19 years of age, in reality your child support may not change. What determines whether the child support obligation ends:

  1. No younger children included in the child support order.
  2. No arrearage.
  3. Not paid by Income withholding order
  4. Child is not incapacitated.
  5. Child is 19 years old.

Navigating the waters of social media as a nurse

You have probably heard warnings from others in your field about how dangerous to your career the use of social media can be. Perhaps you know other nurses who have faced sanctions, lawsuits or even termination because of things they had posted on Facebook or other pages.

Everyone has a different reason for using social media. Some connect with family, others promote their businesses and some simply find it relaxing to share their thoughts. Social media can an effective form of communication and spreading ideas, but in some professions, it can also create a minefield of legal issues.

Does a soldier have to split their military retired pay or military pension with their spouse in a divorce?

The military spouse may or may not have a right to a portion of the servicemember's military retired pay. In Indiana, the spouse may have a right to a portion of the servicemember's military retired pay if the servicemember receives retired pay during the marriage or if the servicemember becomes eligible for military retired pay during the marriage. The NDAA 2018 changed the amount of military retired pay that the spouse may be eligible to receive.

In Indiana, the following rules apply:

Collaborative divorce: Is it right for your situation?

If you are facing the prospect of divorce, you may be dreading the potential for a lengthy and stressful courtroom battle. Even if you and your spouse have disputes remaining between you, it does not necessarily mean you'll have to head to court. There are other, more peaceful, options available to you.

Collaboration is a legal way to resolve divorce-related disputes. This process allows you and your spouse to have a say in your final divorce order and work through issues together without litigation. This can be a more peaceful and less stressful way to approach the process of ending your marriage, even if you and your spouse do not get alone. Before you make any important decisions, it can help to learn more about all of the options available to you.

How to prepare for a high net worth divorce

Going through a divorce can be an extremely challenging time in anyone’s life. It can be time consuming, emotionally draining and difficult to embrace the unknown. This can be even more challenging for high net worth individuals with a lot of assets on the line.

There isn’t a perfect rubric for how to best navigate through a high net worth divorce, but you can make sure that you’re prepared. Putting together a plan of how to approach the situation can make a difficult situation easier and reduce the stress commonly associated with divorce.

Important factors to include in any parenting plan

After a divorce, you may never want to deal with your ex-partner again. Unfortunately, if you’re a parent you usually won't have that luxury.

A quality parenting plan can help you minimize the conflicts between both parents, as well as helping everyone stay on the same page. Here are a few key aspects to have in any parenting plan:

How can I reduce the legal fees for my divorce?

  1. Hire an experienced family law lawyer. They will be able to give you realistic, straight forward advice and won't charge you an arm and leg to research an answer for a question which they deal with daily
  2. Be organized. You will need to provide your attorney with financial documents including statements for any financial accounts or bank accounts, tax returns, statements for your mortgage as well as statements for any money that you owe.
  3. Do not post any personal information about yourself, spouse or children on social media.
  4. Respond to your attorney promptly.

Federal Income Tax Exemptions for Children in Divorce

You may have heard that there are no longer tax exemptions for minors in 2018. That is true and if it is your year to take the children as a tax exemption, you will find that exemption is gone. However, all is not lost!

Instead of a tax exemption for children, the tax exemption is for families, $12,000/year for singles, $18,000 for head of household (single and claiming a dependent) and $24,000 for married folks filing jointly. If you are now single, the child that you could have claimed as a tax exemption may allow you to still reduce your bottom line.

3 factors that make military divorces unique

If you are serving in the armed forces, you already know the ways in which your life is very different from your civilian friends and family. Trained to defend our nation, your job may require deployment upon short notice. While executing orders, you experience situations and events which you “can neither confirm nor deny.” Based upon your job responsibilities, civilians simply cannot relate.

While all relationships have their stressors, you likely have different job requirements affecting your relationship, which may cause additional strain on your marriage. Nobody needs to tell you a military marriage is much different than those of your civilian friends, but if your marriage is no longer working for you, you may wonder if a military divorce is different for servicemembers.


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