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Family Law Issues Do Not Have To Remain Stressful For Everyone

Family disputes are stressful for everyone involved. Lack of information, embarrassment or lingering bitterness about unresolved arguments are just a few ways families hold on to conflicts and problems.

Attorney Cynthia A. Marcus works to reduce that stress by analyzing each case and presenting solutions to resolve issues using Indiana laws to meet the distinct needs of each client. As a skilled mediator, Ms. Marcus works toward settlements with the best possible outcome for her clients.

Many family law issues can be settled privately through mediation, arbitration or negotiation. These are the least stressful and least expensive problem-solving methods. Clients are afforded the most control of their situation using an out-of-court solution. However, if a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached this way, Ms. Marcus is a tough trial attorney prepared to protect her client’s rights and best interests. Call the firm in Carmel at 317-578-2017 to schedule a consultation to learn more.

Over 20 Years Of Success Can Help Your Family Resolve Disputed Matters

Negotiating a settlement between parties is preferred, but sometimes it is not possible. Negotiations break down. When you hire Marcus Law Firm, LLC, you will have the confidence it takes to get through litigation, including the depositions, trial or appeal by working with an experienced lawyer. Ms. Marcus provides the compassionate and intelligent legal counsel you need for resolving your disputes involving:

Contact Marcus Law Firm, LLC, For Complete Information So You Can Make Better Decisions

If you are thinking about separation, divorce or you need to modify a current agreement, contact an attorney who cares deeply about your family and has the experience you need to resolve your disputes. Call Marcus Law Firm, LLC, at 317-578-2017 to find out the steps needed to fulfill your goals. You may also reach out to schedule a consultation by completing the online form.