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You do not have to venture into Indianapolis for high-quality legal services when you have The Marcus Law Firm practically right next door in Fishers, Indiana.  The firm serves mostly residents of Hamilton and Marion counties.

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Attorneys at the Marcus Law Firm recognize that soldiers in our armed forces and their families make extreme sacrifices in their service to our nation. Both firm lawyers understand the unique culture of the military—they are veterans themselves.  The Marcus Law Firm is particularly adept at addressing the legal needs of soldiers and their families that may arise when service members are on active duty.  These are often complex cases governed by a mixture of state and federal laws with special circumstances that do not generally affect civilians. For instance—

Mortgage foreclosure

A service member’s home is protected from mortgage foreclosure while the soldier is deployed. Yet many family members may not know they are protected if this problem should arise. The Marcus Law Firm can advise military families regarding their rights and protections.

Parenting time

A custody agreement may dictate that a soldier serving far away from home only has the right to see a child for very limited, specific time frames.  But if the soldier’s leave time does not coincide with the regular visitation schedule, The Marcus Law Firm works with the other parent and the court to help ensure the soldier and child have the opportunity to be with each other.

Military Retired Pay

Members of the armed forces must serve for at least 20 years to gain military retired pay, the term used for pensions.  This pension often becomes the service member’s biggest financial asset, in contrast to civilians who more commonly stay in one place long enough to build equity in their homes. When a military family goes through a divorce, the state and federal laws governing how that asset—military retired pay— is divided become extremely complicated. Marcus Firm lawyers have handled many such cases. They have gained the experience to advise clients how to plan their finances to meet their goals.

The Marcus Law Firm helps military families address a variety of legal issues including:

  • Divorce
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Parenting time
  • Eviction
  • Financial issues

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