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Fired from your nursing job? You can get back on track

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Professional License

When you’re fired from a nursing job, your first thought may be that you did something wrong or that your license could be at risk. In some cases, that might be the reality. However, for most people, it’s possible to find a new position. If you have lost your license due to a suspension, you can take steps to get it reinstated as well.

If you have just lost your nursing job, here are a few things you can do to relax while focusing on getting your career back on track.

  1. Think through the options and gain perspective

To start with, you should sit down and think about why you were terminated. Sometimes, job loss is about nothing more than not getting along with a specific doctor or a clinic downsizing. Look at the situation realistically. Whether you’ve made a mistake or were terminated out of the blue, it’s important to understand what happened and gain perspective.

  1. Get together your support team

Your support team is going to be of great help as you work to get your career moving again. You can reach out to your attorney to discuss your termination and if there are any issues you should be concerned about. If your license has been suspended, you should look into getting representation to help you complete any tasks that could help you get it back sooner.

  1. Remember that license suspensions don’t have to be permanent

If you have lost your license while a situation is being investigated or because you’re being penalized for a mistake in or outside the office, make sure you understand what you have to do to get that license back. Sometimes, it’s a suspension that requires additional training. Other times, you’ll have to show that enough time has passed since a disciplinary action to request to have your license reinstated. Your attorney can talk to you about what the requirements are and help you get your license back if it has already been suspended. If you’re concerned about an ongoing investigation, your attorney can also step in to help you defend your license from the start.

These are three things you can do if you lose your job. Gain perspective, put together a team and learn more about the potential for the suspension of your license, so you can move forward in a way that protects yourself and career.